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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shokora No Mahou anime English Translation Project

New project, Shokora No Mahou OAV

shokora no mahou

Chocolate Magic
Chocolat no Mahou: Meringue au Chocolat Kanashimi no Senritsu [ 2011 ]
The Magic of Chocolate
~ショコラの魔法ムラングオショコラ哀しみの旋律~ Manufacture :

Genre : shoujo
Type : OAV (2 ep.), 15 min. Issue : c 03 . 03 . 2011 by 02 . 04 . 2011

Anime based from manga by Rino Mizuho. TheOAV was a bonus for shoujo magazine Ciao for April and May 2011. Shokora Aikawa - the mysterious owner of Chocolate Noir, where any visitor can fulfill their wish come true, having tasted a slice of the local sweet goodies. Here are just a magical chocolate - not a cheap pleasure. What is the need to pay Miyatani Shion, the distinguished pianist, for her heart's desire?

T/N note:

I decided to start this project after noticing that there isn't any english translation for this anime.

I think I could release the first episode before end of tomorrow,but I can't guarantee anything.There a lot of work waiting for me ( not to mention that I would be OFF for 5 days from net).

FYI,this would be a translation of English.The Bahasa one would be done if I have a lot of spare time.

Stay tuned for the anime :D


  1. I'm happy to see someone is finally willing to sub this in English. Thanks so much for your hard work! :)

  2. Hi, I'm a reader of Shokora no Mahou. I was wondering.. Are you making the series based on the books or are you just using the characters?

  3. When are they having episode 3 online?

  4. They HAVE episode 3 and I've seen one which is Episode 9 lingering around , I found it in DeviantArt and I'm like OH MY GOSH SINCE WHEN IS THERE EPISODE 9 DUMBIE !? And then I foun this blog with the title "Wha-What?" which tells me that Shokora No Mahou anime is actually AIRING just that we doesn't have the RAW OAO I guess it's still continuing eh ? Maan I really don't care if there's isn't any English SUB but I really really wish to watch it . <-Big fan ;u;

  5. bahasa? you mean bahasa indonesia?. btw, why is just 2 episodes? in myanimelist say this OVA has 13 episodes, so..


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